polaroidssss's Journal

child of the moon.
acoustic guitars, across the universe, acting, american apparel, antiques, aqua teen hunger force, bats, beaches, belle & sebastian, big brother, biking, blankets, body modification, books, bright eyes, broken social scene, cameras, camping, candles, cape breton, car rides, charcoal, coconut cookies, cold case files, conor oberst, cory kennedy, delias, different cultures, different languages, dntel, dog the bounty hunter, drinking, england, explosions in the sky, eyes, fall, fields, fire, girl interupted, gore, grammar, graveyards, greek, green tea, gregory and the hawk, halifax, holding hands, hugs, iceland, intelligence, ireland, iron and wine, italy, itunes, james frey, juno, karma, kimya dawson, knitted hats and scarfs, laughing, lightening, los angeles, loud music, mario, milkshakes, moccasins, movie theatres, new brunswick, nice smelling people, nintendo, oatmeal cookies, old books, once, painting, paranormal state, pastels, phone calls, pink lemonade, reading, regina spektor, rilo kiley, robot chicken, rome, sackville, save september, scary movies, scottland, second cup, shows, shuffle mode, sigur ros, singing, skateboarding, smoking, smoothies, starbucks, stars, street style, sufjan stevens, summer, summer rain, sun, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, tall grass, tattoos, tea, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texting, the cleaner, the cobra snake, the first 48, the library, the moon, the night life, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the sims, the stars, the weepies, thunder, victorian, walking, watercolor, wind, writing, zombies